Hot New Arrivals Polo, Hugo Boss and more…

It’s getting hard for us to post recently as our inventory is flying faster than superman running from kryptonite. You can click on the title or picture of the items below to view more details on ebay and respective stores. With vintage clothing and accessories it’s always a hit or miss on whether the items are in use condition or mint. These items happened to be MINT. Also, don’t forget to check out our new Instagram. Follow us for special deals at

New arrivals for this week:

Hugo Boss Men’s 40R Khaki Tan Double-Breasted Jacket/Coat,Cotton/Linen

Luxe Woolrich Men’s Medium Red/White/Black Checkered Shirt Jacket,100% Wool,MINT

Polo Ralph Lauren XL Solid Tan 4 Button Single Breasted Full-Length Overcoat

Elchans inox stainless steel bike chain bracelet
stainless steel bike chain bracelet

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